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Sanders gets hit early and often at Democratic presidential debateAt the start of Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina, frontrunner Bernie Sanders came under fire from his rivals.

2/25/2020 8:03:21 PM

Trump official says coronavirus death rate same as flu – despite it being 100 times worseIn congressional testimony today, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf claimed that the mortality rate for coronavirus is similar to the flu, both at about 2 per cent.In response, Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana asks: “Are you sure of that?”

2/25/2020 4:34:53 PM

A Florida woman is being accused of zipping her boyfriend into a suitcase and leaving him to dieSarah Boone, 42, claimed it was just an accident. But police saw troubling videos of her taunting him as he struggled to get out of the luggage.

2/26/2020 11:21:20 AM

Italian hikers rescued in Alaska after visiting infamous busAn Italian man suffering from frostbite and four other tourists were rescued in the Alaska wilderness after visiting an abandoned bus that has become a lure for adventurers since it was featured in the “Into the Wild” book and movie. Alaska State Troopers say the five Italians were rescued Saturday from a camp they set up after visiting the dilapidated bus on the Stampede Trail near the interior town of Healy. The hikers were found 13 miles from the trailhead, Trooper spokesman Tim DeSpain said.

2/24/2020 5:04:59 PM

Firefighter who found brother in rubble dies of 9/11-linked cancerDaniel Foley, who helped find the remains of his firefighter brother in the rubble of the World Trade Center, died at the age of 46 after a battle with pancreatic cancer, officials said.

2/24/2020 9:09:11 PM

Supreme Court rules Mexican parents can't sue Border Patrol agent who killed their sonThe ruling was a defeat for the parents of Sergio Hernandez Guereca, who was on the Mexico side when he was shot in 2010 by a Border Patrol agent who fired from the U.S. side.

2/25/2020 11:05:00 AM

Iran health minister falls ill on cameraVideo shows Iran's deputy health minister suffering symptoms of the coronavirus at a press conference before being diagnosed.

2/25/2020 11:50:24 AM

Warren unloads on Bloomberg as Dem debate becomes more personalSen. Elizabeth Warren continued to remake herself as a combative debater in Tuesday’s Democratic face-off in Charleston, S.C., and once again her target was former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

2/25/2020 8:40:41 PM
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